Staying on track with your goals can get tricky. It’s important to know who you are, what your Big Why is and what is most important to you. Our culture and media pummel us with so much advertising and info the noise can drown out your own unique voice. It can make it hard to remember what is most important.

It’s been said that the person you were at age 7, the things you liked to do then, is who you are at Heart, your True Self. How else can you know if you are in alignment with your True Self? If you can answer the question, ‘What are the top 10 things you love to do and have always loved to do?” you are off to a good start!

Here are My Top Ten Things I Love to Do and Have Always Loved to Do.
What are yours?

  1. Reading – I love to read, anything and everything. When I was a little girl and first learned to read, I’d blurt out every stop sign, road sign, whatever I saw through the passenger window of our car. Drove my brother bonkers! I remember the very day I really knew I knew how to read. Sitting beside my mother on our davenport at age 4 as she read aloud, I read along with her. I knew the sound of each letter, the combination of sounds together. I was reading! It felt like breathing.
  2. Writing – I have always loved to write – what I think, what I feel, or see. When I was 17, I went to Raleigh, NC on business with my father. What would I do while he was busy in the courthouse? I asked him. His response? Make use of your time; observe, watch people, write down what you see. I loved doing this. I remember it as if it were yesterday.
  3. Nature and the Outdoors – I love the feeling of wind on my face, cool breezes, or violent gusts, cold or warm. I love watching clouds billow overhead, feel inspiration in great cotton balls or massive oceanic miles of high dark clouds. I love walking in rain or snow – all the seasons.
  4. Travel and People – I love seeing new places, talking to new people, experiencing life in new ways. I love meeting people, other countries, and cultures, talking with people, listening to their stories, feeding back to them a reflection of their own beauty.
  5. Dance – I love to dance in tandem with a partner, to feel the rhythm, movement in perfect harmony with another being, at one with music. I love the kind of intimacy that comes from this type of closeness.
  6. Love – So many kinds of love, intimate love, agape love, filial love. At-One-Ment: Love Present.
  7. In Touch with the Divine – meditation, prayer, Pranic healing, even coaching takes on this sense.
  8. Spending time with friends and family.
  9. Spinning words into gold – telling stories to children.
  10. Movies and Theater – Another form of storytelling, Action, romance, historical, science-fiction, Greek Theatre. It’s ALL GOOD!

Leaning into who you are at Heart, what you love and want more of in life is the first step to connecting with your True Self. When you can do that you have a plethora of choices before you when trying to replace old, out of date habits with new ones.

Did you come up with your Top Ten? Need some help creating your list? Let’s work on this together.

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