Hello again!

Remember those movies on Netflix –  What Women Want.

I got to thinking recently about what working women want today, especially now in these crazy times when segmenting our lives is hard to do. Work is home and home is work.

If she has kids, she wants to stop the bickering, the fighting at the dinner table – stop the chaos! To have everyone in the family lovin’ on each other and having fun together.

What does that same woman want at work? To be acknowledged for her contributions, balance work and home, get what she needs to get the job done, and work effectively with people to achieve their common cause.

And what about her relationship with her significant other? Pretty individualized, but a few things you can count on: Caring affection and communication, compassionate leadership, great S-E-X, someone who listens to her and loves her children if she has them; Someone to share the chores and the load.

When this happens, home and work run smoothly and efficiently.

Is that person you?

You can save time and energy, have home and work make more sense. And have LIFE feel reallllllllly good!

If this is you, let me help you.

The work I do often looks like private coaching with a customizable plan designed just for you.  I also create VIP retreats, immersion experiences & workshops that activate the senses and use storytelling to rewrite & reframe internal narratives and learn new lifestyle tools that catapult you to success.

To learn more about how you can bring calm to chaos and more joy into your relationships, schedule your complimentary Discovery session today. Just go to my website, www.dianeweekley.com or call 980.224.3554.

“Meet at the table. Leave together.”

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