Often people come to me with a specific problem area in their life they want help with.  How to talk to their spouse about the clutter in their house. How to talk to their kids about priorities and what is important to them. Communication strategies between couples.

People come to me for advice on trusting themselves, whether or not they should take a course, get their Masters, how to talk to an employee on a difficult subject. One thing they will NOT get from me is advice.

Many people I talk with ask if I am a counselor or therapist, and I tell them, “No, I’m a coach.” The next question asked is always, “What is the difference between coaching and therapy?”

The short answer is: Function and approach.

The long answer: Coaching is distinct from therapy in that coaching doesn’t focus on the “why” questions around any particular behavior, or deliberately delve into the past to discover its cause. Therapists routinely diagnosis or identify a presenting issue then outline a treatment plan that will help the client change or manage a behavior.  

Life coaching makes a difference when it focuses on the “what” as opposed to the “why”.  “What do I really want?”   “What is next?”  “What lights me up and delights me?” “What is my true passion in life?”

Coaching is not about giving advice, fixing something that is wrong, or telling a client what to do to make their life work.

A Life Coach works with the whole person, surveying all areas of a person’s life – including their relationships, careers, spirituality, health, fun and leisure, and much more, with the purpose of supporting the client in envisioning and designing a plan for creating his/her future. 

Relationship Coaching from a Life Coaching perspective does the same kind of work within a structure that allows each person in the relationship to listen to one another’s “What do I really want?”   “What is next?”  “What lights me up and delights me?” “What is my true passion in life?” with the purpose of supporting the clients in envisioning and designing a plan for creating their future, together. 

If you want to:

  • Identify and defuse the patterns in relationship that trouble you and create the relationships you want…
  • Learn how the context of a conversation makes the difference in how you take action…
  • Break the chain of events that make you feel like you have “no choice”
  • Get unstuck; Gently regain your sense of personal power.
  • Release the past and gain entrance to new possibilities…
  • Let go of self-doubt, self-blame, guilt.
  • Forge new relationships, new actions, new patterns in relating.
  • Create and enliven your connection with the person or people in your life, let’s chat.

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