Big Question! What AM I pretending not to know?

When I answer that question, honestly, what happens?

I stop, listen to what bubbles up, notice what happens inside me, sit with the answer, allow myself to be overshadowed by the Truth I find, then I truly Understand.

True understanding feels like standing beneath a huge sequoia redwood – it overwhelms my senses.

Amazing Overpowering Understanding

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without application will take me No-where.

Sometimes I am ready to take action…sometimes I am still in contemplation. There have been times I have rushed ahead, only to find I was not yet ready. Sometimes the next appropriate action is no action. Sometimes it is planning and preparation, sometimes it IS action.

Wisdom Owl

Wisdom Owl

Before you take action stop, listen, notice what happens. Seek the Truth.
Create the image of what you really want. Seek it, See it, Feel it. Hold the image in your Heart and Mind. You CAN have it.