This week has been a beauty of a week. I don’t really even know where to begin so this may occur to you dear reader as stream of consciousness. In Lesson 4 it says that the higher the goals, “the loftier the ideas” the better. The Truth of “I” sinks in more deeply with each read. When my personal I is in alignment with the True I, the Universal Mind, nothing is impossible. It is more and more coming together. And the video of all the brain activity and peptides and everything in the webinar…no wonder I repeat the patterns I have been repeating, and these exercises we must do daily, wow, I am beginning to feel it working on me.

This morning I stood in the kitchen unexpectedly with time available with no one around. I had been in communication with my son who was ill and I had promised him a healing session the night before but was too tired to do it – after completing all my homework I went to bed early. And there I was this morning with found time…should I do it now? “Do it now” my inner voice urged. And then I was down the hall, gathering tools of the trade, performing healing protocols. Uninterrupted I worked on him for 20 – 30 minutes. And I still completed my morning reading and still was at work on time. I did it!! I listened fully and responded to the still small voice from that mysterious mind that never sleeps.

As I have read my DMP aloud these past few weeks, I would sometimes “gak” at what seemed like an outrageous goal to put in there…yet, thinking small does the Universal “I” a huge disservice. All the truths I have been taught in my bible studies over the years are jumping out at me. “If you have Faith as a mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you.” As I was driving home and repeating my movie trailer out loud I thought, I must make my goals bigger, loftier, better. The Universal Mind, the Great I AM demands it! I do not know what that means yet, but am open to finding out.

With all that said, I am also allowing myself to fill Space, be Seen, Visible, speak up more, get on the agendas at work, and respecting my needs for personal time and reflection. This week is like being back somewhere in a Time when I more easily lived my Faith. Trusting my intuition again, practicing it, and practicing believing that with God all things are Possible. Now I am getting that statement really is scientifically true. Renaissance Week.