This week I got a new insight into how Autonomy can really be my Partner. The lesson was gritty.

My old blueprint often lets things go if I get a heavy dose of push back after 3 – 4 tries on getting something started. My persistence wanes and my focus goes to other things – even when I know deep down that I need to push for the outcome I want. Since I do not like to make waves and tend to be kind of a free spirit this strategy has often worked out.

Not this time – the expectation of it all working out was not going to happen. This recent experience caused me to feel defeat, fear, upset, a desire to place blame…flash feelings like a flash flood raged through me.

Thankfully Lesson 3 hit home. I AM AT CAUSE. It was not the problem of “the other guy”. It is I who must make the shift. Persist. Be a stand for what you want. That is my new mantra. Be a stand, negotiate, hold on to the vision. I realized that being Autonomous takes courage. It requires a willingness to feel alone. And a deep knowledge that I am not alone.

Mark J has said repeatedly “Dig deep” Yes, dig deep. Let the roots grow downward, deep down, and drink from the living waters that flow endlessly. Negotiate, be a stand, be willing to be out on the precipice. Believe in yourself. I must believe in myself. And be a stand within the energy of Love, always remembering that if actions are built on truth and justice, it is good to hold on.