Growth. Acceptance. Responsibility. Defenselessness. Learning mode. Anticipation. What will I create next? Simply put, that sums up this past 6 months.

Two years ago I attended a graduation dinner celebrating a group of women who had completed the same life coach training program I completed – a two year endeavor of love and service.

After dinner, standing in front of my mentor coach I shared I felt complete. I had done everything I wanted to do. I had reached my goal in life, raised my sons, owned my competence as a loving mother, done well in my career. It was not my position or job that mattered most, it was the people in my life who I had nurtured and loved. I was complete.

Fast forward 2 years. I am feeling locked in, restless. What is missing? Growth. But toward what?

During this past 24 weeks through the Master Keys I found the “toward what”. I hoped it would catapult my career. It has done so much more.

I learned incredible skills on how to master new habits and think more creatively. I realigned my life purpose and rediscovered what a rich life I have. I’ve used what I have learned in my work, and I have delighted in my family in the process. There is not a more amazing feeling than reading the Master Keys aloud with an 8 year old and stopping through out to discuss the concepts, and have him totally GET IT! We are ALL going to Hawaii. Don’t know how just yet, but we are going.

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

Jesus said BE as little children if you want “to get to heaven”. That statement has been translated and interpreted many ways by many different people. But, what does it really mean? Here you go.

It means: Be open, find your true essential self and BE it. Believe. Live it. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, here. In the now. The kingdom of heaven truly is within us. And, if we want to manifest our dreams we must look within first to find them, think on them, nurture them, hold them dear, take joy in them, believe in them and then allow them to come true.

It is the Hero’s Journey. It has been my Master Key Marvelous Discovery. I am continuing my journey. Join me.