The Big Five…




Hurt Feelings


Feelings in Rough Seas

Feelings in Rough Seas

Feelings. Incredible tools. Like a barometer on a ship guiding it’s captain through gale winds or rough seas, folks in the MKMMA have been given a tremendous tool to raise our own awareness. I have been given the tool before, but never so clearly, with such good instructions on how to use it.

I am clear that The Big Five are woven throughout my journey toward True Health. Not knowing exactly how to use those feelings for my good has slowed my progress. Knowledge is power.

Guilt – I’ve been working on eradicating feelings of guilt for years. Stop! Don’t even try. Instead, turn guilt into something that catapults you into the actions you desire. I now have the knowledge. The Master Key experience again has given me more tools to really change my responses to external pressures. Good tools. More tools in the toolbox. That’s what it is all about. Now it is up to me to use them.

I Am. I am taking baby steps, little kaizen steps. Change happens one step at a time. Baby Steps - Stick Together!