Monday – what an amazing Drive on the way to work. What an amazing Day.

Rectangles everywhere! Blue colors everywhere! So what?

In the car, slowing down to a stop – Shazaamm! License plate – rectangle – OMG – “I promise to manifest Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression. I always keep my promises” Oh yeah, “I promise to clean out and organize my shoes by Oct 12th. I always keep my promises!!!”

Holy cow…every 200 feet or less, everywhere I turn, a rectangle, the color Bleu! Street signs, building windows, sidewalk cement rectangles, billboards, store signs, bar signs, bricks, brick designs as part of a building facade, restaurant signs, The Greek Isles Restaurant – rectangle sign above blue umbrellas blocking the sun…so blue – blasting the message – “My primary personal needs, my pivotal personal needs are for Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression.”

Every acknowledgement poured happiness into me, every link reminded me of my Truth, gave me a sense of wonder, that’s me, a marvelous being born to thrive when I live with a sense of Autonomy and Recognition of Creative Expression.

And then I looked up at the SKY. It was Carolina Blue on Monday. Blue. “OMG the Sky is Blue”, I thought. Even the SKY sees who I AM. I see who I AM. And it is a good thing. My very environment celebrates my Being. Amazing Day.