This week I purposed to live life with gratitude in every minute as an experiment. Did I do it perfectly? No. Did I do it well? Yes.
The course has posed a question for us to ask ourselves daily: “What would the person I intend to become, do next?” In the Sit when we talk with someone as our future self, and share how we got to be that future self we are asking a rendition of that same question, “What did the person you became do next?” The first question eliminates procrastination. The second illuminates. Both are simple questions that create astonishing consequences when I listen to the answer.
In an early sit this week, I shared with a friend that the turning point in my career was taking the BCC exam and acing it. It broke the spell I had put on myself since I sat for the GMAT in 1994. I had not done as well as I wanted on the GMAT. My math scores were not high enough and though my analytical skills were extremely high, the GMAT did not include those scores in the total number. I lacked 50 points to apply to grad school for the coveted MSW program I desired. And I stopped.
It was the best thing that ever happened to me. My fiancé at that time, supportive prior to my taking the exam, flipped after I received my results, ridiculing my consternation and disappointment at not meeting the required score – a telling first sign I needed to dump him which I ultimately did.
Passing the BCC exam was like breaking out of prison a free woman. I decided from that moment to live Free just as I had been reciting daily in my DMP. The guiding principle “living life for the love of it” came to me in the Sit and my byline was born – 7 Owlz Coaching – Living Life for the Love of It – took form.
I realized as I shared my story with my friend that I had selectively chosen my activities based upon my belief of whether or not I thought I could succeed. I purposed from that moment on to live life from love, from faith, from the point of view of “What would the person I intend to become do next?” To choose all my activities from love, do them from love, and just do them.

mustard-seed-cedar (2)
During that same conversation I shared a story about a pair of my mother’s earrings with a grain of mustard seed in the center of each dangling glass ball wrapped with a silver band. My mother always said that if I had just that much faith, as small as the grain of a mustard seed that nothing would be impossible unto me and ALL would be well. I googled mustard trees…I had know idea they could grow so tall. Jesus said it. My mother said it. It is TRUTH.

Have Faith as a mustard seed! Allow yourself to GROW TALL. Take the next appropriate action. Leave the results to God, to the Universe. Do it NOW!