Discourage, verb – to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dishearten, dispirit.


This week my focus has been on courage. I am a civilian. I am not facing terrorists, or possible death or dismemberment. Courage in my daily life is about living transparently, speaking  the truth when it is just as easy to avoid telling the truth; and quthN7QQ8XUKiet steadfast persistence in the face of difficult times.


Where are people around you discouraged? Have you looked lately? Where are you discouraged?


In my daily work we see people who are out of work and have been searching for too long, people who are without shelter who need steady housing, people one pay check away from lack or blessing.  My co-workers and staffs deal with discouragement daily in working with the people we serve.  For the past week I have been assisting one of our staff with the situation of a veteran who is doing everything possible to obtain work and housing. Each day brought en-couraging or dis-couraging events. He has felt anger, frustration, and hope in waves.


Last night I went to bed very early – full with the discouragement felt by team members this week – discouraged regarding my own goals and dreams, feeling powerless to effect positive change. And I dreamt.


Re-member gratitude. Put back together your own sense of thankfulness. Be one with the good in each moment now. Be grateful.


Courage, encouragement, kindness, gratitude – linked at the core.



The Master Teacher said, “Be of good courage, for I have overcome the world.”

I arise today encouraged, ready to persist, to meet the challenges and support others in doing the same. Guiding words for today: lead with kindness, listen with compassion, tell the truth, expect miracles.