Looking back, this week has been filled with aha’s for myself – in each reading of the new scroll, excitement over how things are coming together for me in my preparation to sit for a certification exam, and a rejuvenation of my interest in reading materials focused on the tools of my trade as a life coach. But more important than any of those things which I highly prize, this week has been most about my desire to stay in a space of faith for myself and holding the space of faith for another.

One of the privileges I have as a coach is to hold the space of belief in a particular future with another person and to be in solidarity with them as they move toward the future becoming the present. This way of being is not just a privilege but a calling. With that said, when I am in relationship with another person, the same way of being is present whether I am coaching or in some other kind of a relationship. I am grateful for being called. This past week I have masterminded with one of the loveliest people I have met in a long time. And I have gotten so much from it – I’ve been allowed space to be me, and on the receiving end of some very powerful questions that have made me stop, think and know the Truth. Truly a blessing.

This week our homework included writing 3 things daily for which we are grateful.  Looking back, three highlight “gratefuls” are:

  • I am extremely grateful for my mastermind partner and for the candid, truth-filled conversations and support we have shared.
  • I have been exceptionally grateful for my warm, safe home – it has been a cool 10 degrees here in the South.
  • And I am grateful for the love of family.

This process of masterminding has blessed me in ways I cannot at this moment express. But it’s not the masterminding per se, it’s the person with whom I have been blessed to share with very deeply. A rare gift. This type of sharing has reminded me of what I truly believe: That we are all called and we are all chosen… if we say so, if we declare it, if we choose to be really present to another. But we must choose.

And we are called to see the best in others, to believe in each person’s singular beauty and contribution, to be readily available to be of service to one another, not to judge, but to be present in love. I am so grateful for my mastermind partner who has contributed to me this week in this way.

I have prayed the prayer of faith this week – Ask and it shall be given (asking for a lovely home with a screened in lanai), seek and ye shall find (seeking great room- mates and dog lovers), knock and the door shall be opened (would love a door that overlooks the ocean). For whomever asks receives, and whomever knocks  the door will be opened for them. Location: Kauii. If you know of such a place, please contact me here. I will pass the information on. Mahalo!