Sixty cards…started out last week as 50 cards, and now this week is 100 plus cards with the gratitude growing daily. The best part about the first time I ran through the 50 cards with add-ins of ‘belief sayings’ over and over again was the incredible recognition that I have lived a wonderful life. So much so that I broke down in tears.

This week as I have added the next 50 plus and a growing number of gratitude cards each day, I have marveled at the richness of my life.

This afternoon after so much rushing for the holidays a nap seemed the thing to do. I never nap and I thought, just 30 minutes. Two hours later I woke up incredibly refreshed with the words ‘Sixty Cards’ running through my head.  Sixty Cards. Thank you for bringing in the practice of gratitude. Thank you Gracious One for giving us your Son. Thank you for the love of family, Carolina Blue skies, warm fires in fire pits, our home and hearth, for each person I meet.

God’s Peace, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, And Peace on Earth Good Will To Men, Women and Children everywhere.

My prayer is that we all will become more grateful for each small blessing, allow ourselves to be filled with Love, and in doing just that, change the world.