When I started to write just after my Sit this morning these are the thoughts that came to me:

  • Breaking the chain of addiction for myself, my sons, and generations to come
  • Giving the legacy of true health to my sons and grandchildren
  • Living and leaving financial stability – I am worthy to have it and so are all my family
  • Breaking the chain of lost dreams, building the bridge to belief that dreams come true
  • Even into this and future generations

I looked up Legacy and Bequest to fully get the definitions.

Legacy:  noun – 1. Something left by will; a bequest. 2. Something handed down or derived from an ancestor or earlier time.

Bequest: noun – To hand down as to posterity, an inheritance, legacy.

Since the course started, I have changed one PPN once – from Autonomy to True Health. Should it change again? Since the first change miracles in manifesting some of my goals appear and continue to show up.  Yet I continue to stumble in other areas. Belief has not yet completely soaked down into Subby.

Last Sunday Mark J instructed us to write in the margins of Lesson 12/#7, the question Are my PPNs Authentic? All week I have asked myself questions. Am I in alignment with Universal Mind, Universal Law and my true calling? Is it Legacy or True Health? Is my DMP really manifesting?  If not, where am I inauthentic? Am I just Lazy? When will my Will and Choice be in alignment? Do I desire earnestly? When is “earnest desire” EARNEST enough? How do I KNOW?

My definition of True Health has been evolving this week.  Another Question: Is it evolution or compromise? Deep down, I believe it is evolution – this shift in belief is a good thing.

This morning as I read Lesson 12 the words ‘feeling is desire and desire is love’ got clear. When Love is present, fully allowed, that is earnest desire. The feeling of Love fully allowed is magnanimous and omnipresent. When Love is fully present, I KNOW deep within.

I have not allowed Love fully present with me in my self-care – that includes the foods I’ve eaten, the sleep I’ve needed, and the thoughts I’ve had about it. Fragmentation of thought has been the problem – nonalignment between Old Blue Print expectations of “looking good” and my overarching belief in the definition of Wellbeing and True Health.  True Health is not necessarily having a ripped body or weighing a set amount. It is sustaining and balancing well the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical parts of living so that I feel “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy” regardless of my circumstances.  How I look when I am living and balancing well is just how I look.  Jesus shared this thought, “Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, and Soul, and Mind and Strength, and Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This truth comes up again and again: Love thyself, Diane; embrace thyself, be with and accept thyself… and all shall be well.

Breaking the chain…What does that mean? Before MKMMA breaking the chain meant stopping physical addiction. Now it means stop faulty thinking.  The 7 Day Mental Diet, stop change start again in 7 seconds. Break that chain! That is a Legacy I can live with. Live like that and “The Sky’s the Limit!”

I am clear my first PPN is on target: Recognition for Creative Expression; but what of the 2nd one?

My DMP in one line: “I am receiving Recognition for Creative Expression and living True Health, and empowering other to discover and live their Truth…”

What do you think? Is it Legacy or True Health? I welcome your thoughts.