This week was quite a challenge, starting with the initial reading on December 1st and going downhill from there. While filled with inspiration to persevere it also felt like a real ‘downer’ with statements like “I must fail often to succeed only once” and an unspoken directive to undo all the progress I have achieved on work/life balance – “When my thoughts beckon my tired body homeward, I will resist the temptation to depart…I will try again…make one more attempt…and if that fails I will make another.” Ok, now I am back in the midst of my long practiced winning formula and for a recovering self-proclaimed Workaholic, this was bad news.

The image of the bull being taunted by the picador was taking form in my reality. Reading was a chore. By Thursday The Universe proved its point…or I proved my point to The Universe. Exhausted, I closed the car door at 7:20 pm muttering “I will persist” not sure what to expect from husband Steve’s warning not to be too disturbed by the state of the house – he would take care of it when he returned. Oh, the Horror of it all! It was worse than expected. Piles of dirty dishes, trash cans needing to be emptied, laundry everywhere, and an overflowing cat litter box unpleasantly permeating the air. Something had to be done and done right now.

“Do it now” filled my thoughts; a burst of energy moved me into a flurry of activity. Within 40 minutes all dishes were washed and put up, laundry folded and put up, cat box litter removed, the boxed sanitized and filled with fresh gravel. Order prevailed. I felt light and accomplished with a good tired.

Friday morning an early morning meeting filled me with joy. One of our staff met with me for more than an hour to seek direction and to share lavish appreciation for training provided and other efforts made over the past 4 months to support he and his team. Each month our team of 10 braved the unknown and met for an hour and a half to dive into new and sometimes vulnerable waters – our first Coaching Circles at Goodwill. There were times I was not sure if I had chosen the best course of action. I was overwhelmed by the level of candor in his sharing. I had no idea the process had made such an impact in such a positive way; it was better than I had hoped or dreamed.

I am thankful that I did persist. I am also very thankful that this week has been so extreme. As OG says, “I must have the night to appreciate the day. I must fail often (or so it may seem) to succeed only once.” This one success is worth a thousand no’s.

Oh, great Universal Mind, oh gracious God, Thank you.