My favorite experience after several long nights at Landmark Education was driving in VJay’s white Porsche convertible with the top down cruising across Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction…the freedom of it…just putting it out there…I love your car…that was it…no requests…and he in his generous style offered, “Would you like to drive it?” Good grief yes of course…and then we were freewheeling it along the highway, the cool night breeze blowing about, feeling as if soaring over the moon, and the expansive feeling of harmony, fun, joy, fellowship…a new adventure…somewhere mid-spaghetti strand, I just let go and whoop it up! And lost all my fear of the great outdoors that had haunted me for a long time…the night was my friend, life was about sharing the joy, coming along for the ride, discovering new feelings and sensing greater possibilities.

Writing on this blog feels a little like how I felt looking at that Porsche…would love to test drive it, and I sat with my fingers on the keys, started to turn over the engine, felt the hesitation, and then, the blank slate beckons and I am in the driver’s seat, typing, remembering, and again freewheeling in a white convertible on a moonlit and starry night.