I have been extremely surprised and delighted. Having been raised in the Episcopal church and had to regularly sitt through Morning Prayer as a child. Listening to the readings of the Psalms, I understand the concept of repetition – each time the reading of the Venite or the Jubilate – something new took root inside. But I did not expect so many things to pop out differently with each read of the Scroll and each read of Master Key Part One! Each new read multiple new ideas POP!

Yesterday – ugh – struggling with the DMP – so many things I want to do with my life and they all look good – how can I choose what my Definite purpose is…and each day the Onion metaphor pops! I have been living my life like an Onion in so many ways…without the patience needed to grow an olive tree…I sat in my car at noon yesterday and just cried…and laughed…and thought with all I have done I have wasted my life in trying to hurry up processes – get to the end of it- and achieve it by God as you are not allowed to fail – hold fast to the idea of the desired outcome but too often derailed along the way as Patience for the process would elude me.

I have been journaling all these different thoughts and ideas…and maybe I am just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…there is no place like home…so write down what is closest to me…and that is what I did. My desire to do it right was a stumbling block…so I got that I just wont do it right…but I will do it. And I did.