There Is Nothing Hidden that Shall Not Be Revealed – Luke 8:17

“Nothing,” you might ask, “nothing at all?”

No, nothing. Nothing in your life that seems impossible, unpredictable, illusionary, incomprehensible – nothing will remain hidden when you seek to know the Truth.

You Are as Good as Gold

Take for instance, why in the world a grown woman would cause herself feelings of extreme anxiety during a short drive on the interstate toward work? That is a description of me, periodically. I’ve caused this experience for years. Here is what seeking Truth revealed.

I was driving on the freeway, dreading the drive, the speed, the five lanes of hectic traffic, vaguely feeling rising anxiety at the prospect of volumes of cars and trucks whooshing past me. The great grey serpent of highway curved ahead. As I looked at it my anxiety leaped higher. I had a choice – to barrel on ahead at 65mph and face my anxiety, overcome it as I so often have or veer right to the off-ramp toward a local intersection and the back roads that would take me to my destination.

Instinctively I veered right, wheeled up the ramp and swung left into moderate traffic and the mainstream of city life. I’d made this choice many times before, sometimes forging ahead, at other times riding the ramp. Why in the world did I do this to myself? Why create such anxiety?

The beauty of our bustling city surrounded me. Immediately, for the first time, true understanding jumped out at me!

I had better things to think about. Simple.

Better things than five cars zigging and zagging in and out to my left and right. That’s right! I just did not WANT to be inside a video game at high speeds moving from my home routine to my job routine. It wasn’t the cars or the speed or the job – it was the ROUTINE.

My soul craved the NEW – new sights, new sounds, re-fresh-ment. The beauty of the city, new buildings being built, interesting people strolling sidewalks… Being Part of, connected to, linked with. Those experiences were definitely NOT on the beaten path. And driving the freeway only got me closer to more routine faster.

The real nugget here…Hidden treasure

There is a call to adventure that I ignore at my peril. What I got loud and clear is that adventure is a pre-requisite for my life – one I have been pretending not to know.

My antidote? Dreaming up Adventure! Places I want to explore, things I want to do, people I want to meet.

I love travel, love the NEW. Road trips have always been great fun. I love flying. There’s nothing better than the anticipation and feeling of lift off. That was the paradox to my whole situation. By not creating adventure my subconscious created it for me.

Adventure takes many forms. It can be overcoming personal challenges or climbing Mt Everest. We get to choose. We have the power to create challenges or adventure. If we don’t, Subby will set it up for us. It’s a ‘Given’.

How did I get this new understanding? I used the tools learned in the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance course. The next course starts September 2015. What in your life is hidden that has not yet been revealed? What Adventure is waiting for you? The answer could be in the MasterKeys…check it out. Key Experience – Coming Soon

The answer is within.