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Week C10 – Top 10 Phrases to Build a Life

Words – The greatest form of Architecture. I have always known this to be true. As an interpreter and professional working with limited language deaf individuals I saw first-hand how not having the words to express oneself – ones’ sadness, anger, petulance, disappointment, or betrayal – even ones’ happiness, delight, amusement, or joy – caused deep frustration […]

Week 24 – Marvelous Journey

Growth. Acceptance. Responsibility. Defenselessness. Learning mode. Anticipation. What will I create next? Simply put, that sums up this past 6 months. Two years ago I attended a graduation dinner celebrating a group of women who had completed the same life coach training program I completed – a two year endeavor of love and service. After […]

Week 23 – Let Go of the Banana

Let Go! LET GO! Let go. Anger, fear, pride. Worry – not enough? not meeting others’ standards? others’ goals? Let them Go! Wish them well. Send them on their way. Thank them for visiting and “do come again”. I poured my frustration out in the Silence this morning. Poured it all out as if my […]

Week 22a – Shazam!

This week I listened – truly listened. Listened for riches, beauty, wealth of experience, happiness, faith. Listened. And I received. Focusing my attention to Wallace Wattles work on riches enriched my experience. I felt happy, joyous, contented and grounded in the Truth that my Life is finding me as I find me. Ask and it […]

Week 21 – Think BIG!

Negative thinking keeps us small. Early in the course one of my negative thoughts was Take Back the East Side. It wasn’t a terrible thought. It was thought with the “best intentions”. Yet every time I thought it, I descended a ladder of powerlessness. Today, Lesson 21 spoke to me differently, broadened my view. Take […]

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