“Every ‘NO’ takes you one step closer to a ‘Yes’! Every failure is one step closer to a Success.

My new Mantra: I am one step closer to Success!

I will say this EVERY TIME as I smile and look in the mirror. I will say this EVERY TIME I feel my dedication to choosing healthy foods falter. I will say this EVERY TIME I want to remain a couch potato instead of a power walker.

I want you to consider saying it too.

I’ve heard salespeople say that it takes 10 interactions – 9 ‘NO’s” before you get to that 1 ‘YES” to successfully sell anything. And my own health coach has said that recycling or falling off your program is a sign that you are closer to success as recidivism is part of change.

It sucks, I know. Don’t we all wish there really were a magic bullet, the perfect vinegar and cabbage diet, the Keto-diet, the wishful thinking diet? The truth is everyone’s body is unique. While basic nutrition is foundational, we each have our own unique tastes, wants and needs.

Are you struggling with your weight or other habit changes during COVID19? If you are, you are not alone.

Here is my quick story.

Having yo-yo’ed weight wise and tried every diet plan under the sun for most of my adult life with varying success rates, last June as I sat at JFK waiting for my flight scrolling through IG, I came across a NOOM ad and clicked on it. The promotion was too good to pass up. After ignoring my desire to drop 15 pounds for about 6 years I was ready. I signed up for NOOM. [Disclaimer: This is in no way a pitch for NOOM and I am not receiving any compensation for sharing this information]

Using the NOOM app, I began to shift my food selection, incorporate breathing and meditation, started walking regularly and integrated all I have known and learned throughout my life and training in my Wellness Inventory work. I managed to lose 15 pounds and kept it off for 8 straight months. Wow! I was feeling pretty good. Confident in my success, I was ready to set a lower weight goal and see if I couldn’t drop another 5 pounds.

When COVID19 hit and the “stay-in-place, work from home, your workspace is just 15 steps away from the bedroom and 8 steps to the kitchen” became reality, my newfound habits gradually disappeared. In fact, my newly adopted habits became orphans.

Work seemed more intense and work/life balance became harder to manage. The weight began to creep back up as I walked less, ate more erratically and justified my intake as comfort that I needed.

About 4 pounds up, I started to realize I needed to readopt my orphaned habits. I just wasn’t ready. My negative self-talk did NOT help me readjust. I had to think about it and pour that second glass of vino.

But last Sunday, inspiration hit. I bravely stepped onto the scale. 10 pounds up I looked at the number and said out loud, “It’s just a number. It doesn’t mean I am a failure or that I will never get there. It is just data. Oh well, I have all the tools I need.”

Contemplation is one of the stages of change, just as recycling is part of change. The next stage after contemplation is Preparation. Then comes Action. Most of us jump into Action too soon when we feel inspiration, but without enough planning, really using the Preparation phase, Action is doomed to fail.

My plan, which I started 7/19/20, is to log my food (every bite) at the time I eat it, eat more Green Foods (fruits and vegetables) and stay within the calories I am allowed daily. That’s it. The other part of the plan is to make sure fruits and veggies are in the fridge, drink more water and move. That means I will want to get up early enough to walk before the heat sets in. And one more thing – openly share my plan with the person I live with – that crazy husband of mine who is the BEST COOK in the world. I will need his support to make it happen. No recipes with heavy cream, PLEASE!

If you are struggling with adopting good health habits, if your habits have become orphans during this COVID19 period or even longer and you are ready to make a change and would like support, I am here for you.

If you are reading this right now, this is Your Synchronicity Moment.

You can contact me, by calling 980.224.3554 or go to www.dianeweekley.com/booking and schedule a complimentary strategy session today.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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