Take the Leap!

Diane has been such a gift ~ she listens from the heart and has an incredible sense of intuition that allows her to cut through all my perceived confusion and reflect back to me what my soul is seeking to express. It’s like I am running around frantically searching for my keys, and she is standing calmly by to hand them to me… there is such a sense of peace and calm and clarity that comes from our sessions together. The Vision we’ve created together is clear, compelling and achievable. Her words have become like mantras in my life, such as: when the vision is clear, the decisions are easy.

I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a coach to take them to the next level or to find their way in creating something entirely new.  She is kind, compassionate and wise and yet highly focused in coaching you to BE who you’d like to be in this life as well as what you’d like to achieve.

~ Kathy Basel, Creator of the Vitality Code, Holistic Wellness Coach

Diane is the consummate professional. She began the process by asking thoughtful questions that helped me get clear on my intentions, not only for the day’s work but also what I wanted to create in my space and, by extension, my life.  She held the space for me to be with my things and helped me to determine what I truly love and want in my space and what I am willing to let go. She helped me to tune in to my pure reactions by reflecting the changes she saw in my words, tone, and facial expressions back to me. Diane’s intuition and coaching skills have me well on my way to create the life I am living now and moving into. She truly helped me create a space that reflects the vision I am living into for my life.

~ Jessica Simpson

Coach Diane Weekley, is one of the best listeners I have had as a coach. She processes my speaking such that when she repeats what she has heard for clarification, it makes more sense to me than when I said it. Her questions are thought provoking and drive me to go deeper for my understanding of what I want and am trying to achieve. She is empathetic and guides me to recognize options I have to choose from. Her recommendations have clarified situations and the best solution for me. Contact Diane for a master coach experience.

~ Paula Lesso, Life and Career Coach, Motivational Speaker

Before working with Diane, whenever I got a notice that I had been called in for an interview I would occasionally glance over the website of the company that I was interviewing with and that was it. I rarely came to interviews with prepared questions beyond things like “how much does it pay?” or “what are the hours?” if said information was not already provided in the job description or application. I also applied to virtually any job on Indeed that I was remotely qualified for without really looking over the job description and simply hoped that I would get lucky if I sent out as many applications as possible. Lastly, I would rarely leave an interview feeling confident that I had made a good impression and I would never be called in for a secondary interview.

Working with Diane, I have significantly improved my ability to properly research each job position that I apply to before sending in my applications and I have gained tremendous confidence in interviewing. I have had several job interviews since working with Diane and many of them have even lead to follow-up interviews. I am now keeping track of the positions and companies that I apply to and I always enter an interview with at least ten standard questions at the ready and three questions unique to the company I am interviewing with. Diane was able to assist me in giving my resume a much-needed reformatting and she helped me to compile some of my experiences in college and in work into brief stories that are useful in showing my worth to prospective employers.

I believe that the best result of my working with Diane has been learning how to answer interview questions confidently, clearly, and concisely, as well as learning what my interviewing strengths and shortcomings are and how to use them effectively. My meetings with Diane were always productive and unique, and I quickly found myself looking forward to my next meetings with her.

If you would like to contact me or have questions about my experience being coached by Diane, you can reach me here at my Linkdin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-askew-48013869

~ William Tyler Askew

Professional email: Wtaskew12@gmail.com




“The  I’m Not Good Enough” Workshop 

Hear what people are saying about it:

“The I’m Not Good Enough” workshop was definitely worth the time and money I spent to be there – and more! The exercises were VERY effective and they taught valuable insights, and were fun and enlightening. Don’t miss it. It will change your life.” ~ BJ

“Will definitely share the experience….it was Tremendous.” ~ Claudette

“I realized many things about myself today. I am continuing to ‘weed the garden’ of my life” Darlene M.

“This workshop was awesome. A true development discussion for individuals who want to grow, improve themselves through process, make changes in behavior and set new goals. Relaxed environment, non-stressful, fun and worthwhile.” Kathryn G.