Holistic Wellness

If you are one of the millions of people out there who is not reaching their health and wellness goals it may be time to take a closer look at the stories you tell yourself and the patterns you acquired over a lifetime.

It may be time to take a closer look at the mindsets you hold and how those thought patterns affect your ability to respond to life as it comes at you.

Reframing the stories you tell yourself, shifting your mindset specific to the goals you have about your overall wellbeing, is critical to success.

In order to shift your mindset first you must look at who you are at heart and what is truly important to you.

Getting to the Heart of it!

If this describes you, I totally understand. As an Adult Child of Alcoholics (ACOA) I’ve been on a lifelong search for balance and self-understanding since my late teens.  Learning how change really happens, learning  what it truly means to live well,  has made all the difference. The work I do is embedded in the work of John Travis, developer of the Wellness Inventory. Here is a succinct definition of wellness according to Dr. Travis:

• Wellness is a choice—a decision you make to move toward optimal health. • Wellness is a way of life—a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing. • Wellness is a process—a developing awareness that there is no endpoint, but that health and happiness are possible in each moment, here and now. • Wellness is a balanced channeling of energy—energy received from the environment, transformed within you, and returned to affect the world around you. • Wellness is the integration of body, mind, and spirit—the appreciation that everything you do, and think, and feel, and believe has an impact on your state of health and the health of the world. • Wellness is the loving acceptance of yourself.

John Travis, M.D.

What does this mean, that wellness is a choice? Doesn’t wellness have everything to do with illness, immune system function, and whether you are sick or not? That is just a part of the equation.

The foundation for True Health and Wellbeing is grounded in Self-Responsibility and Self- Love which influences all aspects of your life. If you grew up in the chaos of an alcoholic home (really any home where substance abuse occurred regularly) you did not see self-responsibility or self-love modeled successfully. Daily decisions may not have been made on what was best for the individual but more on what was expedient for the moment. As an adult you probably have had to learn new behavior patterns that foster positive and healthy outcomes. True Health and Wellbeing is grounded in the daily decisions you make that move you toward your wellness goals. Wellness is about increasing your self-awareness and designing a life in which You and your Essential Self thrive.

Self-Responsibility and Love is the first domain on the Wellness Inventory Wheel. Without exploring this foundational domain achieving and sustaining your wellness goals is…well, difficult at best, and may be a cause for continued self-sabotage.

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