The Divine calls in mysterious ways. Life sometimes hurls us a Call-To-Action through events we did not plan for, expect, or want.

Life can call us in fun ways too: Trello boards, Spark, Pinterest, Instagram. These techno vessels allow us to collate imagery we see to create Vision Boards that focus us on our desires, purpose, and promise. Visual images that give access to brighter futures.

For many the Call comes in their dreams. Dream images, they show us so much – about what we love, what we fear, and what we want.

I’m a Big Believer in the power of dreams. Today as I tidied up my desk, I came across an old dream journal entry with my interpretation of the embedded message. As I reread what I had scrawled on paper in early light, I was amazed at how timely the message feels now. It’s a bit weird, but then, it IS a dream.

Here it is, the unedited version:

HUGE – A BellSouth Rotary wall phone, an archaic model of communication. Green or yellow? No, powder blue, its cord coiled in curly-ques, its speaker handle neatly resting in the cradle.

Beautiful 1970’s design.

Slowly, like a photo lens, the view zeros in on the rectangle Box’s seam. I see tiny black ants wend their way out of the box in miniscule circular lines. They do not scurry. They move forward slowly, methodically, crossing the plastic mold, burgeoning forth, determined as if carrying a message:

Break the seal. Don’t just sit there, perfectly. Waiting. Waiting for the bell to ring so that someone will pick up the receiver and answer the call. Break Free! Push Through! Push through this perfect, plastic tomb and ring out! No one is coming to pick up. No one is coming. No one is answering.

This Box holds many messages, dialogues, conversations, concepts, ideas, ideations, connections. This Box thinks sitting pretty works. But the messengers know systematically, diligently, moving forward, conquers all.

Tiny but mighty, they carry a mighty message. Look closely, you can see, you can hear the banner cry. What Box do you need to break out of to become your best Self, Diane?

Dream ends.

I still wrestle with calling. I still wrestle with consistency, with juggling all that Life is calling me into. We all do.

In those moments between sleeping and waking, when dreams are still alive, listen to their whispers and write them down. Revisit them. There may be a message just for you in the moment or for some future time.