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Connect to Your Life And Thrive with Real Connections

The mission of Diane Weekley Coaching is to create thriving families living IN purpose and passion  ~ as individuals and together.

Hello, I’m Diane “Didi” Weekley, your go-to woman at Diane Weekley Coaching.

I believe whole heartedly in the mind / body connection, the power of intention leading to action, and its importance in achieving personal success, success within your family unit, and in every aspect of your life.

My definite main purpose in life is Living Life from a place of Love and Empowering Others to discover and live their Truth, to live Free. Family is at the heart of all I do.

Living free for me has been a gradual process of letting go of old habits and replacing them with new ones, owning my dreams, and finding ways to make them a reality. Listening to the dreams of my children and husband has been a HUGE part of this journey. To live a happy and fulfilling life, each member of the  family needs to live their passions and find their happiness as well.  Learning  how to be there for each member of my family has been a pivotal part of my journey.

I have played many roles in my lifetime – waitress ala Chinese / Greek / French / Diner restaurants, children’s theatre instructor and  director, an actor, storyteller, career development services staff, program director, mime, child care worker, interpreter for the deaf, tutor, corporate trainer, administrator, wife, mother, grandmother, Life Coach, executive coach, and now entrepreneur.  Which brings me to Didi’s Korner.

Didi is a name my grandson “annointed”me with at the Food Lion when he was just two years old. It stuck. The idea of Didi’s Korner began to percolate when one of my sons, a creative musician and entrepreneur, encouraged me to create a safe, creative space for kids to hear stories and come together virtually. That piece is still under construction.

But the idea of Didi’s Korner – a place where real people make real connections – is what my coaching work is all about.  That’s why you will see a wide variety of topics showcased here at Diane Weekley Coaching a.k.a Didi’s Korner – Problem Solving Solutions for individuals and families, meditations and exercises to eliminate stress and balance your energy systems, ways to encourage literacy, reading and self-expression, wellbeing resources and more.

What I Believe About You

I believe that people are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. I believe you can trust your desires and achieve your goals. You CAN live an empowered life, have a loving family life, and create a dynamic present and future of joy and well-being.  At the same time, I get that leaning into a new future, even one we want, planned for and have looked forward to, can be emotional and scary.

Not to worry. Through a time-tested and life-changing process we will work together to build the life you have always dreamed of having, no matter what your history and no matter what your current circumstances.

How Didi’s Korner Can Help

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Kathy Basel

I have had the privilege to be coaching with Diane for several months now. My goal is to get greater clarity and focus amid many personal life changes. Diane has been a gift. She listens from the heart and has an incredible sense of intuition that allows her to cut through all my perceived confusion and reflect back to me what my soul is seeking to express. It’s like I am running around frantically searching for my keys, and she is standing calmly by to hand them to me. Her words have become mantras in my life, such as: when the vision is clear, the decisions are easy. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a coach to take them to the next level or to find their way in creating something entirely new.

Creator of the Vitality Code, Holistic Wellness Coach, Natural Health Expert

My Personal Story

My parents met during WWII in San Fransisco. My mother had studied theatre in school but dropped out to marry her handsome naval officer beau. My father, an engineer and Navy officer, fell for my mother like a ton of bricks. The war ended but the habits of war continued. It was a home where “looking good on the outside” was most important – to hide what couldn’t be healed on the inside.

As our family grew my Dad was always looking for ways to support his family. We moved every two to three years, moving seven times to four different states before I was 17. There was a lot of transition in our family with few supports. Back then, people didn’t talk about their issues or concerns.

You see, I grew up in an alcoholic home – it was a good home – it started that way – my parents did all the “right” things – there was lots of reading, and art, and laughter. But gradually my parent’s unresolved issues  took over.

I  was the Free Spirit and Pixie in the household but over time I became the Peacemaker. I was always trying to fill in the gaps and calm troubled waters. Never listening to my inner voice, I grew up putting the needs of others over my own knowing.

As an adult I learned as much as I could about recovery and self-actualization. I was going to break the chain of dysfunction. I began a journey into myth, archetype and story. I left an unfulfilling marriage with two small boys to care  for and began a career. Nine years later I remarried thinking I had found my soul mate – and began the tough job of blending families. It WAS tough.

We had different parenting styles, communication styles  with  the  kids. Our expectations for how to discipline were really different.  At times I felt torn between letting my husband lead and doing what I knew to be right. At the same time dealing with my “ex” complicated it all.  Seven years into our new family I was worn-out, disheartened and wondering if I had made a huge mistake.

I was determined not to sink this marriage. I knew I  needed to do something. In 2008 I learned about an amazing workshop called Falling Awake, designed by Dave Ellis and offered through Jamie Gould, founder of Champion Education. I went to the 2-day workshop with my husband. There I fell in love with my life and with him all over again. It was there my Heart re-ignited and I decided to enter a two-year intensive Life Coach Training program to help others do the same.

Completing the Life Coach Training program was an amazing accomplishment. I  learned to really listen to my husband, my sons, my employees. I learned I did not need to know everything. I learned to truly respect another’s point of view.  I rebuilt relationships with my sons and husband. I made a difference in  the  lives of several employees who had been overlooked and written  off.  I learned how to live.

Let Didi’s Korner Help

Are you at the place where  you want new ways to connect with members of your Family? Are you feeling pulled in too many directions? Are there communication and behavioral breakdowns in your Family? Do you feel like you have lost connection with your own Truth?

I am  committed to people living lives that work.

Diane Weekley Coaching at Didi’s Korner provides workshops, training and coaching to individuals and families to enhance self-awareness, discover gifts and talents, learn practical problem-solving approaches, and improve overall happiness, wellbeing and relationships.

Group workshops, webinars, retreats and one on one coaching are available. Some of these workshops are:

  • The I’m NOT Good Enough Workshop
  • Building  Boundaries for Blossoming Relationships
  • Visioning Your Purpose and Passion
  • Problem Solving for Individuals and Families

Premium Coaching Packages also available.

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