The mission of Diane Weekley Coaching at Didi’s Korner is to provide education and coaching to families and individuals looking to repair and restore relationships with loved ones.

Coaching & Workshops

Create the life you have always dreamed of, the life you were born to live. Create the family you desire. Access your optimal self through One on One, Group Coaching, Family Team building, anxiety reduction or self-esteem workshops.

Take charge of you – the rest will follow.

Hollistic Wellness

“Wellness is a choice—a decision you make to move toward optimal health…Wellness is a way of life—a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for well-being. Wellness is the integration of body, mind, and spirit…”

The key to happiness, health and welbeing is ..

Family Business Coaching

When you work in a family run business roles and responsibilities can sometimes get confused, blurred or negatively impact your relationships.

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About Diane “Didi” Weekley

Storyteller, Life Coach, writer, pranic healer, and lover of all things family. I love connecting with others spirit to spirit, essential self to essential self. In Truth, I believe Real Connections are at the heart of everything we do. Board Certified Coach, Certified Wellness Inventory Coach, certified Global Career Development Facilitator, I believe learning keeps you “green & growing”. Favorite books – Jan Karon Mitford series, all the Harry Potter books, young people fiction by classic writers like George MacDonald and Madeline L’Engle, and just recently The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer. I am madly in love with my husband, children, grandchildren, travel – the whole “fan-damly”!

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Let Me Reintroduce MySelf
Let Me Reintroduce MySelf

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve connected! With so much change afoot, new followers, and new subscribers, it feels like a great time to reintroduce myself. I’m Diane Weekley, Relationship Healer. Gosh, that sounds a bit lofty doesn’t it? and a bit Woo-woo! I...

Before working with Diane, I was struggling to find a way to truly cope with some of the harsh realities in my life. I found that I felt trapped, mentally, by many obstacles and blocks that I was struggling with and… I didn’t even know how to really formulate the right words to express my feelings. As soon as I met her, I knew there was a reason we connected. She holds such a warming, comforting, and respectful presence for my feelings.

Diane’s coaching took my obstacles off of the shelf, one by one, and made the overwhelming task I feared seem so simple. She helped me express and allow my emotions to be looked at lovingly. I learned to embrace my emotions, understand how to acknowledge my thoughts, and it felt so freeing to let them go. It was a liberation! The ability to truly put into words, my feelings, and to better understand the cycles of emotions, I had been going through.

The tools she taught me I was able to put into practice- step by step, day by day. A new way of working WITH my emotions formed and became my foundation for breaking through emotional overwhelm! It’s been ground breaking and heart healing from that moment on and I’ve never been more thankful for this new outlook on life.

The most significant result is my ability to say ‘no’ to individuals in my life who have made me uncomfortable in the past. I’ve set boundaries around my life like never before. I used to struggle to deal with difficult people in a compassionate way and know where to draw the line for myself…

And now, I no longer feel burdened by these decisions. It is a beautiful feeling to know in my heart that I am allowed to create my personal space, and boundaries for my family. I’m in a better state of mind. I’ve been able to accept and let go of the doubts that used to make me feel so guilty. Now- I take action, and each time I do, it gets easier and easier!
If anyone wants to know the true value of working with Diane I freely welcome you to ask questions, call or email me. I’d be more than happy to talk to you about her incredible service and guidance.

~ Christy Miller,
Mnemosyne Studio

Diane has been such a gift ~ she listens from the heart and has an incredible sense of intuition that allows her to cut through all my perceived confusion and reflect back to me what my soul is seeking to express. It’s like I am running around frantically searching for my keys, and she is standing calmly by to hand them to me… there is such a sense of peace and calm and clarity that comes from our sessions together. The Vision we’ve created together is clear, compelling and achievable. Her words have become like mantras in my life, such as: when the vision is clear, the decisions are easy.

I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a coach to take them to the next level or to find their way in creating something entirely new. She is kind, compassionate and wise and yet highly focused in coaching you to BE who you’d like to be in this life as well as what you’d like to achieve.

~ Kathy Basel,
Creator of the Vitality Code, Holistic Wellness Coach

Diane is the consummate professional. She began the process by asking thoughtful questions that helped me get clear on my intentions, not only for the day’s work but also what I wanted to create in my space and, by extension, my life. She held the space for me to be with my things and helped me to determine what I truly love and want in my space and what I am willing to let go. She helped me to tune in to my pure reactions by reflecting the changes she saw in my words, tone, and facial expressions back to me. Diane’s intuition and coaching skills have me well on my way to create the life I am living now and moving into. She truly helped me create a space that reflects the vision I am living into for my life.

~ Jessica Simpson

Coach Diane Weekley, is one of the best listeners I have had as a coach. She processes my speaking such that when she repeats what she has heard for clarification, it makes more sense to me than when I said it. Her questions are thought provoking and drive me to go deeper for my understanding of what I want and am trying to achieve. She is empathetic and guides me to recognize options I have to choose from. Her recommendations have clarified situations and the best solution for me. Contact Diane for a master coach experience.

~ Paula Lesso,
Life and Career Coach, Motivational Speaker

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